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Why Do We Do What We Do?

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Week before last, a friend of mine who wants to get more and more into fly fishing was talking ‘Brook Trout.’ We decided to gear up and head for the mountains where the Brookies call home.

It was a beautiful day – the sky was a deep azure blue, the temperature was ideal the sounds and smells of the woods were soothing – it was the perfect setting. And despite heavy rain the prior week, the water had settled, so I felt we had a good chance of hooking one.

To me, when it comes to Brook Trout fishing, it’s just being there where they live. This was Mere’s first trip, and she was blown away by the surroundings. The size of the stream also caught her attention– she couldn’t believe just how small it was. She is used to small streams, but not ‘tiny’ streams. She found herself lost in the beauty of it all.

If you have ever Brookie fished, you know just how fast they can strike. You must remember that God stocked Brook Trout. They have survived thousands of years.

After some extremely fast hits and misses, a few tangles, and a lost fly or two, we agreed the fish were not interested in any of our offerings. So, while we had not had a hook-up, we had come away with memories. That, to me, is a huge part of fishing anyway. The whole process of getting ready, the trip there, choosing the fly, where to present the fly, and the anticipation of an eat – that’s all plays a big part in the angling experience.

As I am in the stream, I love to feel the water going by and the feeling it has on me. At that time, I realize I am part of the whole process.

Many of you who will read this aren’t anglers, but hopefully you can look at the photos and draw from them.

Did we ever catch a fish? Not that day. But we had something to talk about on the way home, and an appetite to find our next adventure. So, at least for Mere and me, you can say that’s why we do what we do.

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Mike Adams is a retired fly fishing guide living in Eastern Tennessee. You can follow him on Facebook @ AdamsOnTheFly

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