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Simms G-3 Guide waders Riparian Camo-Stocking Foot

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I purchased these waders last fall with great expectations. I wasn’t disappointed. The 4-layer Gore-Tex in the seat and legs seems to provide more strength, reinforcement, and support, while the 3-layer Gore-Tex upper portion allowed for easier maneuverability and wading. The waders are comfortable when wearing them all day and I feel that the lighter upper contributes greatly to that.

I don’t pamper my waders as they are an important tool to help me reach the end result – fish on the line! I am always climbing over rocks, up steep banks, around logs and through brush. Despite these challenging treks, The Simms have always toughed it out, yielding great results.

The camo pattern is an added bonus. While the camouflage cannot replace quietly wading “like a stalking heron,” it does provide an extra sense of concealment.

Simms has a long history of standing behind their products, and I can truthfully say that I have seen it firsthand and always enjoyed great results.

Fish aren’t blind: The Riparian Camo pattern distorts the fish’s ability to detect shape and movement so you can position yourself for the ideal cast. Built with 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell in the upper, 4-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell in seat & legs, the G3 Guide™ Riparian Camo Waders – Stockingfoot has the durability to withstand stealthy approaches in rugged environments.

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