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Product Reviews

  • Favorite Flies for the Great Smoky Mountains – Book Review
    50 Essential Patterns from Local Experts By Kevin Howell Book Review by Mike Watts I have known Kevin Howell for almost forty years and impatiently waited for his new book to come off the press. He had told me he was memorializing some of the old “Smoky Mountain” fly patterns we had tied, fished, and … Read more
  • Product Review: Anadromous Fly Company – Tying Scissors
    I started fly tying before I started fly fishing, and truth be told I tie more flies than I spend time fishing. I’ve got boxes full of flies that I will probably never fish. Fly tying for me is a way to relax, unwind and be creative. Apart from the tying vise, the most important … Read more
  • Product Review: Atollas Gear – Fly Caddy XL
    I am a bit of a gear head. I’m a sucker for any tool, gadget, pack or fly box that makes my next fishing excursion easier or more enjoyable. Oftentimes this gear requires busting out the piggy bank, but not the Atollas Fly Caddy XL. At $17.99, this simple and effective portable fly storage system … Read more
  • Product Review: Trxstle Rod Boots
    I have broken more fly rod tips than I care to admit. I have snapped them while walking along a trail moving to the next stretch of river, dropped them on the pavement when putting on waders or loading a boat before backing down a trailer. I have smashed them in car doors and slammed … Read more
  • The Magalloway Fly Rod Review/Maine Fly Company
    I had been looking for a new fly rod to add to my arsenal that could handle some heavier nymph rigs and streamers better than some of my other fly rods I had been talking to my friend Mike Watts, Publisher at Riversandfeathers.com, about the possibility of a new fly rod purchase and he suggested … Read more