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Shelta Hat Review

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I originally saw this hat in a fly shop and went over to take a look. My buddy picked it up and immediately went over and made the purchase. Unfortunately, it was the last one in my size.

I decided to let him field test it the next week fly fishing with me on a Tennessee tailrace. The full brunt of the sun along with climbing temperatures made it a scorcher. Being very complimentary of the hat, I decided to make the purchase as they are pricey.

After wearing it on several fishing trips, and outdoors doing yard work, I can state with confidence that it was well worth the price. The “no flop” innovative design of the brim works extremely well along with the front brim being somewhat rigid like a ballcap. It has been dunked in the lake, rained on, thrown in a duffle bag, and yet continues to maintain it original semblance of shape. I particularly like the light fabric and the inner moisture management system for controlling sweat.

This innovative design was first made for paddlers but fits nicely into the fly fishing world.

The price of this hat is a lot less than a visit to the dermatologist!

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