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Product Review: Trxstle Rod Boots

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I have broken more fly rod tips than I care to admit. I have snapped them while walking along a trail moving to the next stretch of river, dropped them on the pavement when putting on waders or loading a boat before backing down a trailer. I have smashed them in car doors and slammed them in my tailgate. I have also worn cracks and chips into my fly rods by having them bounce around the floor of a jon boat or over the tailgate of a truck. Every time I break, crack or chip a rod I have wished there was a way to protect my fly rods when traveling, and not have to break them down every time. The new Rod Boots from Trxstle do just that.

Trxstle is an outdoor gear and apparel company headquartered in Helena, MT. Their products include rod carry systems, bike packing systems, waterproof cases, apparel and accessories. I recently purchased a pair of their Rod Boots to protect my fly rods during my adventures.

The Trxstle Rod Boots are made to accommodate fly rods up to 11’ long. The boots are made from a lime green braided polyester and come in a 2-pack. Along the base of the Rob Boot there is a Trxstle logo where the polyester material gets tighter to secure the boot along the rod cork. At the base there is an elastic reel leash to secure the Rod Boot to the rod. The last feature is an elastic loop at the tip of the Rod Boots. This allows for multiple rods to be bundled together for easy transport. This also minimizes rods bouncing in the back of a truck or gunnels of a boat. A pack of these Rod Boots retails for just $29.00, a cost much cheaper than replacing a rod’s tip section.

These Rod Boots help keep gear safe and organized in watercrafts, trucks, and better secure rods in a rod carrier system, similar to Trxstle’s CRC System. I store my fly rods pre rigged on horizontal racks in my garage, and these Rod Boots make it so easy to slip on over my pre-rigged rod, then head out fishing.

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