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Product Review: Atollas Gear – Fly Caddy XL

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I am a bit of a gear head. I’m a sucker for any tool, gadget, pack or fly box that makes my next fishing excursion easier or more enjoyable. Oftentimes this gear requires busting out the piggy bank, but not the Atollas Fly Caddy XL. At $17.99, this simple and effective portable fly storage system helps an angler carry only the essentials.

Compared to most of the popular fly boxes out there, the Fly Caddy XL is all about fishing and no extra fluff. Boat boxes and leafed fly boxes are great, but how often do you use all the flies in your box? I know I take way too much gear out on a trip, and the Fly Caddy XL helps me trim the bulk. I can load up a few of my flies on to the Fly Caddy XL and hit the water. Once I’m finished, I can set the Fly Caddy XL in the dashboard or hang it from the visor of my truck as a drying rack for my used flies from the day. Next time I go out they will be there waiting for me!

The Fly Caddy XL is made of an EVA foam patch with an injection-molded plastic base that features a clip that attaches to a shirt, hat or pack. It is slim enough to fit inside a pocket or wader pouch. Also included is a molded silicone dock with a 3M adhesive backing that can be mounted to any hard surface. The Fly Caddy XL is large enough to hold ten of your favorite streamer or popper flies, and even more hoppers, dry’s and nymphs. The Fly Caddy XL is the perfect tag-along for a day trip to a pond, flat or river nearby. All that’s needed is a handful of flies and a rod outfit.

For more information about the Fly Caddy XL and other Atollas Gear Products check out or find them on Instagram @atollasgear

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