PALMETTO CREEK is an entertaining mixture of characters, critters and craziness

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Riversandfeathers Publishers note… On behalf of the staff at, we are excited to support Larry Chesney and his new book, Palmetto Creek. Even though this maybe a hunting book, one can get a taste of his excellent writing style and understand why we are excited to have him support our writer and staff at

The pastures and fields, farms and small towns, meandering rivers and shadowy swamps of South Carolina’s Lowcountry are filled with colorful places and fascinating folks. In the middle of all these bucolic backwoods lies the crossroads of Palmetto Creek.

Not far away flows the little town’s namesake; a slow-moving course of water that slithers through stands of cypress and thickets of palmetto, providing shelter and sustenance for a variety of wildlife including alligators, water moccasins, great blue herons, snowy egrets, coyotes, bobcats, feral hogs and, most important to a lot of folks, white-tailed deer.

When four old friends, who can’t resist pulling jokes and pranks on one another, make their annual deer-hunting pilgrimage to their old cabin near Palmetto Creek, they find themselves caught in the middle of a notorious poacher’s guiltless night-hunting racket.

Meanwhile, a silent denizen watches the comings and goings of the people of Palmetto Creek, from his haunt in the murky swampland.


Long-time outdoors writer Larry Chesney has released his first book, PALMETTO CREEK. His writing experience includes hundreds of feature articles for SPORTING CLASSICS, FUR FISH & GAME, SOUTH CAROLINA WILDLIFE and other publications. He also produced the 90’s televisions series CLASSICS ADVENTURES, was a creative director for several ad agencies, Sr. editor of SPORTING CLASSICS, interim editor for SPORTING CLASSICS DAILY and is currently editor of WWW.RIVERSANDFEATHERS.COM.

Many of his outdoors stories are based on adventures from around the globe. They range from hunting Cape buffalo and Kudu in Africa, black bear and caribou in Canada, and deer and wild hogs in his home state of South Carolina. These works have won numerous awards for both writing and photography.

While having traveled far and wide to hunt, fish, write and photograph, the inspiration for PALMETTO CREEK comes from many years spent in the outdoors of South Carolina. Born in Columbia, Larry spent as much time as possible in and around the creeks, ponds and woods of his home in the township of Forest Acres.

It was at The University of South Carolina that he met many of his fellow hunters and fishermen who would wind up sharing their time outdoors for years to come.

Studying journalism at USC, Larry learned to put his stories into words. But it was writing ad copy that was his primary source of income. The hunting and fishing stories, he explained, were mostly for fun.

“If I could break even on an assignment to hunt in Africa,” Larry said, “I felt like it was a successful business trip.”

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