Outdoor industry unified for Everglades restoration funding

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Outdoor industry joins Captains For Clean Water in submitting letter of request to Congress for $725 million allocated to Everglades restoration

Captains For Clean Water recently galvanized dozens of brands from the greater outdoor industry, signing on to a letter of request for $725 million in federal funding for FY2024 to the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP).

Joined by brands from coast to coast, the letter of request was a joint effort with Captains’ partner, the Everglades Foundation, and was submitted to congressional Committees on Appropriations and Subcommittees on Energy & Water Development and Related Agencies on March 31, 2023.

CERP was authorized in 2000, as a 50/50 partnership between Washington and the State of Florida. As such, each federal dollar invested leverages at least a matching dollar by the state. This program is a national model for federal-state collaboration and good government as a fair and leveraged approach to spending of taxpayer resources.

As the largest ecosystem restoration project of its kind in the world, CERP will build the resiliency of both Florida’s ecology and economy. Restoring the Everglades ensures drinking water security for 9 million people, safeguards a massive carbon sink, and fortifies Florida’s clean-water driven economies by producing a 4:1 Return On Investment.

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