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Hearing protection (and enhancement) designed for the outdoors.

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I wear ESPs on the range, in the woods, and in the living room.

If you look around on Rivers & Feathers, you’ll see an ad for hearing protection? Why? This is a fly fishing website, and fish are not particularly noisy.

The fact is, many fly fishers like to sling lead when they’re not slinging wooly boogers. And after twenty-plus years of wearing ESPs while shooting, I’ve become a true believer in their capability, both for sound protection as well as sound enhancement.

Let’s say you’re listening for the cackle of a pheasant or the light crunch of leaves as a deer slips through the woods. With your custom-fitted ESPs, the sounds are heightened. But take your shot with rifle or shotgun, and the sound is suppressed. Wear them to the rifle range or clays course and your ears whisper “thanks.”

One other valuable use for ESPs involves the television. My wife can hear a mouse peeing on a cotton ball at 50 yards, so she likes the volume set on about 1. On the other hand, I can barely hear a car horn at 50 feet. With my ESPs in my ears, we can share the same volume and I don’t have to depend on subtitles.

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