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Free Fly Apparel’s New Fall Men’s Bamboo Flex Hoodie

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Finally, a hoodie that meets all the craziness of Fall temperatures. I had ordered this hoodie with intentions to wear it as an undershirt in late fall when temps dip nightly into the 30’s. I was totally wrong. I recently wore this cozy hoodie by itself on a float trip in the north Georgia mountains in late September. Leaving early in the morning when the temps were in the mid-fifties, I felt very comfortable as we began the journey. I had brought a jacket as backup but never needed it.

By mid-afternoon, typical of southern Appalachian Fall days, the temperature rose into the upper 70s. I never was hot, but instead comfortable. The softness and stretchy material never pulled when casting flies all day. Like their other hoodie lines, the sleeves dried quickly when I stuck my hand in to release fish.

With a cloudless day of clear skies, I was glad of the UPF 50 protection. If I am not somewhat temperature comfortable when fly fishing, I find it hard to concentrate on the reason I am there in the first place. Wearing the correct clothing is part of my fishing arsenal and I will put this new hoodie to good use many times this fall.

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Free Fly’s explanation of this excellent hoodie..
Our Flex fabric might be from the future. With a luxe, weighty drape, mind-blowing softness, and a laundry list of performance benefits like temperature regulation, UPF 50, and four-way stretch? Yeah, definitely from the future. Our Bamboo Flex Hoodie is awesome on its own or as a layering piece for cooler temps. Pair with our Lined Breeze Short for early morning hikes, or layer it with chinos and your favorite jacket for a casual, everyday look.

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