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Capturing Fly-Fishing Memories

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Memory is a fragile vessel. Unfortunately, it diminishes with age. As a fly fisherman, I have always enjoyed having something concrete to stimulate my memory of those special days on the water. Here are a few ideas sharing my methodology of doing this.

Rock Collecting

One way that I have of saving those special memories is to pick up a nice symmetrical stone and upon arriving at home, painting a scene on the rock. Usually, I will mark on the front or back of the stone the location, number of fish caught and released and other trivialities. These become mementoes that can mentally transport me back to that day and location.

You don’t have to be a skilled artist to do this. Just a notation with a felt tipped pen with the vital information will suffice to spark a special memory.

Be advised that some locations, such as national parks, may forbid collection of anything from the landscape and I am not suggesting that any such rule be broken.


Several digital cameras for capturing memories.

Photography is one of the most common ways to document success on the water. Success may be as simple as enjoying the view and the solitude, as well as the comforting sound of water rippling over the stones. Investing in a good camera is an expense that you will never regret. Viewing a photo of a special day on the water can transport you in a way that no other medium can do.

Digital photography has transformed the art of photography and made it possible for the amateur photographer to capture stunning photos. Photos can be printed, stored on a computer or left on the digital card for future enjoyment.

Wooden Carved Trout Replicas

Another way that I have enjoyed immersing myself into the appreciation of trout is to carve and paint wooden replicas. I don’t profess to be artistic, but it is an enjoyable hobby and allows me to be totally engrossed in the pursuit.

With a block of wood, some wood glue, a few special carving tools and some paint, it is possible to create a replica that attempts to capture the graceful and dynamic nature of trout.

Fly Tying

Nothing beats a rotary vice for fly-tying.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, fly tying gives us a special bond to the prey that we pursue. We create an inanimate item of fur, feather, thread and hook that will attract the attention of a trout and tempt it to pursue and capture it. We in turn attempt to hook and land the prey species and hopefully return it to the water, unharmed.

Collecting Related Items

I am guilty of collecting things that remind me of trout fishing. Photos, tintypes, posters of fly patterns and more. These are items that can cause a vivid image or memory to come to mind of a special trip, a catch of a lifetime or a time of sharing time on the water with a friend.


You may have some other way that you use to spur those memories to the forefront of your mind. These are a few of my methods that have served me well over the years.

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