About Mike Watts

Mike Watts has been fly fishing the Carolina’s and beyond for over 45 years! This is a blog with a lot of lies, tall tales, some truths and advice about fly-fishing. Mike earned his gray hair and wanted to teach the next generation how to relax, unwind and learn the fine art and poetry of fly-fishing.

This fly-fishing fanatic had a successful career in the environmental services industry before selling his company in 2021. Mike started and sold a highly successful environmental services company near Greenville, South Carolina; Pinnacle Environmental Services. After the merger, he retired as Vice President of Waste Services for Terra Nova Solutions to spend more time with his first love (after his family; it’s a close call too!) fly fishing, teaching others and sharing tips, wisdom and humorous stories, quotes, advice and just being outdoors.

Over the years Mike has travelled afar to fly fish in some of the most coveted spots in America and abroad. This blog is meant to help those who are beginning, or well adept at the art and poetry of fly- fishing. It’s not meant to be exhaustive, but to offer honest (as much as he can) reflections, advice, and tips on fly-fishing and various outdoor activities and just be entertaining. It’s also a place to just chill for ten minutes out of your day and unplug with humor, advice, tips, and guest articles about various aspects of fly fishing and other outdoor related adventures written by many well-known authors.

We are so glad you stopped our website. Please contact us to share your stories, thoughts, and reactions to the blog. Mike has even taught fly-fishing as an adjunct professor at Clemson University for 18 years and taught more than 1000 students how to fly fish! We hope you enjoy the conversation, lies, tall tales and actual stories from Mike and the other authors!