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A Review of PRATO sunglasses

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I met some nice PRATO folks at the Texas Fly Fishing Festival in Mesquite a while back, and just recently had the opportunity to try a pair of their sunglasses. I normally wear prescription glasses, so the fact that these non-prescription shades fit over my clears made them ideal.

But, would there be distortion between the two sets of lenses?

Answer is NO.

But, would they look like clunky post-surgery eyewear? Answer is NO. In fact, they look great!

But, would they provide protection from UV light? Answer is 100% YES.

But, would they cut the glare and allow me to see a lot more trout? Answer is YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!

PRATO offers many styles to choose from. They’re tough and lightweight, and if you do manage to mangle a pair, PRATO offers a Lifetime warranty. Visit

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